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Our Staff

Do I have to be a Christian to counseling at New Hope?

No.  Our staff have a personal Christian faith.  In fact, it is this faith that has moved them to seek to counsel and help those who are wounded and suffer.  We consider it a privilege to serve all that are hurting emotionally, individuals, families, marriages, adults, teens and children.

Are you part of a particular denomination?

No.  New Hope Christian Counseling Centers and Foundation are not affiliated with any particular denomination.  Our staff attend various churches and we see ourselves to adjuncts to many churches, schools and organizations in the communities we serve.

If I come in for counseling, are you going to evangelize or preach at me?

No.  Our staff is highly professional and our role is the care of the soul and healing of the wounds whether from the past, such as an abuse victim, or present, as in a struggling marriage or relationship with a son or daughter.  Our staff work with many Christians and our understanding of the Christian faith allows us to work effectively with them.  We do believe that there are principles that are universal to emotional health (i.e. learning to forgive, learning to love our neighbors, learning to resolve conflicts).

Do you accept insurance?

Yes.  Many of our licensed therapists do accept insurance and are providers on many PPO panels (check with your insurance).  We would be glad to verify your insurance benefits to see how we may help.

What if I don't have insurance?

We do accept funds from the Victim's Witness Program, Recovery Assistance Foundation, cash, checks and credit cards.  We also will work with clients on a sliding scale basis upon request.  We desire is to help.